Innovation and Development


The transport sector is a pillar for the competitiveness of the European economy and innovation in this sector has a dual function:

  • To enable better services, to answer the needs of people and economic sectors and to improve the sustainability of the system;
  • On the other hand, to strength products and services of the transport sector itself and increase its competitiveness on a global scale


In the last few years, the area of mobility and transport has been one of the areas that has benefited most from technological innovation, allowing the development of new transport solutions (eg, shared mobility solutions) and changing the way that people see mobility and transport options that are available to them (for example, travel planners help in expanding and defining travel alternatives).


The mobile phone has become an instrument in support of mobility, either for its role in choosing path options and / or modes of transport or because of its increased use as a payment option in mobility services.


On the other hand, the automotive industry has aimed to improve the sustainability of the sector, which has led to the dissemination of electric vehicles (and hybrids), the introduction of automation systems (navigation systems, autopilot systems, automated parking systems) and the development of shared mobility solutions by large car manufacturers, etc.


The next few years will be of major evolution in this area and the effects of this progress will be felt in different sectors and will require an evolution of mobility and transport strategies.


why you should choose tis

TIS believes in innovation. We have always invested in European-wide research projects, which has allowed us to be at the forefront of the knowhow in the European market. We also bet on continuous training of TIS team, which allows us to be up to date with the main developments in the sector.


Work culture at TIS has innovation in its DNA; at each moment it is evaluated if there is no better, more efficient or more adequate solution to the problems that arise. The pioneering approach to the various themes and our integrated vision have been recognized by our clients, nationally and internationally, who challenge us with problems for which the answer is not obvious.


We are ready for this challenge because we have combined a strong experience in innovation and development projects, with an integrated vision of different sectors and the determination to identify and promote the implementation of new transport policies that contribute to a sustainable mobility strategy, promoting social cohesion and inducing economic development.


Since 1995 TIS has been involved in the main discussions and studies at European level, which allows it to ensure:

  • Detailed knowledge of European innovation policies and strategies in the transport sector, such as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS and collaborative ITS), alternative fuels and mechanisms to facilitate their large-scale implementation, among others;
  • A clear understanding of the sector's competitiveness and a common framework for measuring future competitiveness
  • A depth knowledge of the sector's challenges in each mode of transport (new technologies, socio-economic aspects and possible constraints), for horizon 2030 and horizon 2050, and how they affect European competitiveness and strategy
  • Capacity and know-how for the development of scenarios, evaluation of packages of measures and innovation programs
  • Ability to assist different stakeholders in defining strategic options for the transport innovation agenda in response to identified challenges
  • Strong know-how of funding and financing schemes most suitable to each state of a project
  • A relationship with the main European players, whether in the Commission and its agencies or in the main technology platforms and associations with who TIS has partnerships (cities, regions, industry, etc.)

Inovation and Development


Strategic level
  • Evolution scenarios and possible impacts


Tactical level
  • Modeling of infrastructures and complex and non-standardized systems in transport
  • New technologies and their adequacy to the objectives
  • Development of scenarios, evaluation of packages of measures and innovation programs
  • Impact assessment (ex-ante, ex-post)
  • Dynamic systems analysis (Vensim and Anylogic)
  • Risk analysis (@RISK)


Operational Level
  • Project management (notably Horizon 2020 and Connecting Europe Facility - CEF)
  • Training in transportation planning and management
  • Predictive models with dynamic systems and agent modeling
  • Performance monitoring
  • Customer profile and data mining


  • MODELIT - Modeling of infrastructures and complex and not typified systems in Transport
  • LOGISTRAF - Simulation of load and unload operations in urban areas
  • CONCERTOUR - Transport's contribution to improving the competitiveness of European Tourism
  • EURO-ACCESS - Quality of life and equality in the access to infrastructures for people with physical disabilities
  • MEDIATE - Methodologies for Assessing and Measuring Accessibility for All in Public Transport Networks
  • Sociological study of the urban Plan of Arneiros, Analysis of Expectations and Press clippings
  • Economic, energy and environmental viability of alternative propulsion technologies and energy sources for road transport
  • New ways of financing transport infrastructure projects in Europe (EP-STOA)
  • MARKET-UP - Market uptake of transport research and role of actors and regions
  • FUTRE - FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe
  • MoTiV - Estimating Travel Time Value by accounting for the Value Proposition of Mobility
  • DEMOCRITOS - DEveloping the Mobility Credits Integrated Platform Enabling Travellers TO Improve Urban Transport
  • Management and evaluation of Impacts of ITS Corridors (Intelligent
  • Ex-ante evaluation of the single logistics window in Portugal)

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