Mobility as a service


The concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a recent trend that will consolidate in the coming years, with the expectation of the generalization of shared mobility solutions in which the focus is on people and their needs.


In this model, the information is customized and real time, underpinning the possibility of acquiring mobility solutions supported in the different modes.


The coming years will be both years of challenges and uncertainty because the role of MaaS in shifting population mobility patterns is not yet fully understood. The bet of some of the main players allows us to foresee the rapid generalization and sophistication of these solutions.

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TIS has followed this process, either by studying and reflecting internally on these issues, or by incorporating the new trends of Inclusion, Intelligence and Innovation (Society 3i) in the projects we have developed.


Recently, TIS has joined the Maas Alliance (, which ensures that the approaches we have adopted are in line with international best practices in this area.

Mobility as a Service


Strategic level
  • Transport policies in a Maas context
  • Mobility and transport plans in a Maas context


Tactical level
  • Business models for MaaS
  • Market studies for the development of new concepts / applications
  • Support for the selection of transport technologies
  • Assistance for the development of innovative mobility services

our experience

  • Support services for product development Via Verde Mobility
  • Mobility Broker
  • MotiV

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