Sustainable Mobility


For too long, mobility in soft modes was almost forgotten in the urban planning and transport systems process because it was widely believed that only motorized modes responded effectively to travel needs.


It is now widely understood that walking or cycling are very important in short-distance trips (where they are often the most efficient modes) or as modes of articulation and access / return to motorized modes.


The decarbonisation of transport necessarily involves the promotion of soft modes, whether through the improvement of transport infrastructure or the modification of the modal choices of people and organizations.

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In recent years, TIS has consolidated its experience in addressing issues related to sustainable mobility, whether in the development of Mobility and Transport Plans (and more recently the PAMUS - Action Plan on Sustainable Urban Mobility) or in the development of Accessibility Plans for All, or Execution Projects for Foot and Cycle Networks.


It is also worth noting our role in the projects for the European Commission, which has considered the possibility of promoting greater use of soft modes, through the use of mobile applications and / or "gamification" solutions.

Sustainable Mobility


Strategic level
  • Studies and Mobility and Transport Plans
  • Accessibility Promotion Plans for All
  • Plans and Studies of Cyclable Networks
  • Mobility Plans for Large Enterprises and Equipment
  • Mobility Plans for Schools
  • Market studies for bicycle systems


Tactical level
  • Developing the concept of mobile applications that promote the use of soft modes


Operational Level
  • Execution projects for bicycle paths and pedestrian nets
  • Sizing and demand estimates for shared bicycle systems
  • Dimensioning and Location of bicycle support infrastructures

our experience

  • Cascais Contingency Transit Study, definition of pedestrian and cycle networks
  • Mobility and Transport Plan for the Region of Aveiro, definition of pedestrian and cycle networks
  • Plan for the Promotion of Accessibility for All for the municipalities of Castelo Branco and Idanha-a-Nova
  • Barrier Islands Intervention and Requalification Project - Accessibility and Transportation
  • Study for the introduction of bicycle paths in Vilamoura
  • Implementation Plan of the Torres Vedras cycleway network
  • Plan for the Safeguarding and Valorization of the Historical Center of Angra do Heroísmo
  • Preliminary Study and Execution Project for a Bicycle Lane in Ribeira Grande, Azores
  • Sustainable Urban Transport for the city of Belgrade
  • B-Track-B - Family cycling for energy efficiency in urban leisure travel
  • TRACE - Opening the cycling and tracking potential
  • MOBI - From 5 to 4 - Mobility Game
  • MOBQUA: Mobility in the Quarter
  • BIKLIO - Bike With Benefits

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