There is a strong interdependence between the transport sector and urban planning occuring in both directions thus, when (re)structuring a zone of the territory one must think simultaneously on how the transport system will answer the needs of the displaced population who live and / or work there.


In contrast, ignoring urban occupation when planning a new transport system is by itself a high-risk factor that usually leads to situations of lower demand and use of the investments made.

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From our point of view, a strong link between transport and mobility systems is crucial for they are there to serve the citizens and promote quality of life on the cities.


For this reason, the approach adopted by TIS in the development of Transport Studies (whether being public or individual transport) and in Mobility and Transport Plans implies a full understanding of the way in which the territory is organized and the land uses presented (and how they interrelate). In many studies, proposals involving the urban planning process are summarized.


TIS has a vast experience collaborating with consulting and designer teams in the development of solutions for territorial planning instruments at different scales.


Urban Planning


Strategic Level

  • Development of the mobility and transport component in regional planning plans and municipal director plans
  • Sectoral and regional studies


Tactical level

  • Development of the mobility and transport component in urbanization plans
  • Preparation and coordination of large-scale surveys on the flow of people


Operational Level

  • Development of the component of mobility and transport in detail plans, allotment operations or large generators
  • Execution projects for urban and suburban networks (road network, pedestrian or cycling network)





Bases for mobility knowledge
  • Mobility Surveys: in influence area of Mondego Mobility System; Oporto Metropolitan Area; and Lisbon Metropolitan Area
  • DATELINE: Designing and Implementing a Long-Distance Mobility Survey in Europe
  • São Paulo: Preparation of cargo origin / destination survey in São Paulo


Spatial Plans (Urban and Regional)
  • Master Plan for urban development and planning for Wilaya de Alger (Transport and Accessibilities)
  • Transport, Accessibility and Mobility Chapter of Municipal Directors Plans (PDM): Lisbon and Lourinhã
  • Transport, Accessibility and Mobility regarding the amendment of the Regional Plan for Territorial Planning (PROT) of the AML (Metropolitan Authority of Lisbon) and Azores


Regional Studies
  • Integrated Study of mobility and transport systems in the Municipalities of Medio Tejo
  • Definition of a Director Scheme for Transport Infrastructures in the Douro Basin



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