Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization


The Paris Agreement adopted on COP21 requires a global approach that promotes, on the next 40 years, an economic transformation which would make possible an “net-zero emission economy”.


The financing framework for Portugal 2020 is already focused on the decarbonization of the transport sector, with the reduction of CO2 emissions being one of the central objectives of this program, which evaluates all applications for funding in the light of its contribution to the decarbonization of transport.


The focus has been on promoting mobility based on walking, cycling and other no-motorised modes but, in order to achieve these objectives, all other systems that constitute transport (and parking) options will have to be considered.



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TIS has sought to develop an articulated and comprehensive approach to the promotion of mobility strategies that contribute, significantly, to the nationally defined objectives.


We believe that only by considering multiple dimensions of intervention a move towards an effective de-carbonization of the transport sector will be possible, with the accompanying improvements in quality of life for populations and greater economic efficiency of the systems.

Energy Eficiency and Decarbonization


Strategic level
  • Trends and scenarios of global, european and national development of the electric vehicle market
  • Management of technological innovation
  • Strategies for the decarbonization of transport
  • Environmental assessment and energy efficiency


Tactical level
  • Mobility and transportation plans
  • Sustainable urban mobility plans
  • Mobility plans for companies
  • Restructuring studies of tp networks
  • Business models for shared mobility or parking management systems
  • Planning of pedestrian and cycling networks


Operational level
  • Fleet management
  • Energy audits



  • STEPS: Scenarios for the Transport and Energy Supply System and their Effects
  • BEACON: Building Consensus on the Environmental Assessment of Trans-European Transport Networks
  • METEOR: Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategies for Cleaner Urban Transport
  • Evaluation Study on the Relationship between Transportation and Energy in Azores
  • Energy Audit of a fleet (AMES)
  • Energy Audit and Optimization Plan (DHL)

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