regulation and Policies


In a context of an enormous complexity, as is currently the case with transport systems, it is essential to ensure that transport policies implement the strategy that is intended and that the existing regulation is adequate to ensure a balanced defense of the interests of the different actors.


On the other hand, in a context in which the processes of procurement for public transport networks are being prepared, there is a great deal of regulation work to be carried out by the different national, regional and local Transport Authorities.

Policies, regulations, rules or standards promote and facilitate a culture of transparency, integration, promoting competitiveness and improving industry performance.


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TIS has developed a wide range of studies and projects related to the organization of public transport and mobility systems, in particular regarding network planning and design, economic regulation, contractual relationship, quality of service and performance monitoring.

Regulation and Policies

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Strategic level
  • Regulatory framework and contractual models
  • Transportation policy
  • Financing policy
  • Articulation and consultation of agents and measures
  • Competition and strategic development of infrastructure networks
  • Multimodal corridors


Tactical level
  • Organization and operation of transportation systems
  • Specifications and contractual design
  • Plans to promote interoperable and collaborative systems
  • Measures to improve administrative and technical expertise in design, planning, contracting, implementation and monitoring of projects of common interest
  • Policy analysis and development of tools
  • Analysis of investments and financing sources
  • Quality in transport systems
  • Transferability of best practices


Operational Level
  • Institutional capacity
  • Parking regulations
  • Loading and unloading regulations
  • Evaluation of performance and information systems
  • Policy acceptability
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Management of barriers and transition processes

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Policies, Acceptability, Transferability
  • National Guidelines for the Mobility and Guidance of Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Plans
  • Study for the Implementation of the National Urban Mobility Policy Guidelines in Brazil
  • ETIS +: Development of the Information System to support European Transport Policy
  • COMPETE: Competitiveness and transport policies in the EU
  • PATS: Acceptance of pricing policies for transportation systems
  • TURBLOG_WW, Transferability of Urban Logistics Practices and Concepts from a Worldwide Perspective
  • TEN-T Atlantic Corridor Studies
  • Regulations on Passenger Rights (maritime/air)
  • Definition of criteria and indicators for the "minimum service" of transport to be carried out in national territory


Regulatory Framework
  • ISOTOPE: Comparative study of organizational structures and legal and regulatory framework of public transport in the European Union
  • MARETOPE: Managing and evaluating regulatory developments in local public transport operations in Europe
  • ENACT: Conceptualization of Appropriate Contractual Relations
  • IMPROVERAIL, Improved Tool for Railway Capacity and Access Management
  • KOMODA: Logistic Optimization through Commodity
  • Scenarios for opening to free competition the public passenger transport services in the Metropolitan Areas of Lisbon and Oporto


Quality in Transportation Systems
  • Metmed 3: Total Quality in the Lisbon Metro
  • QUATTRO: Quality in the selection and contracting of public urban transport
  • Definition of the Quality criteria for the PT network in the AML
  • SOFTTRIP: Introduction of quality policies in TP systems
  • TOOLQIT, Quality of transport services in the framework of the common transport

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